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Nigel Stokes - Cofounder

Nigel has a rich history in the software space. Before entering the venture space, he founded DataMirror which went public and was later acquired by IBM. Nigel proceeded to found and invest in several VC firms, with Eigenspace as his latest goal in accelerating startups.

Jesse Rogers - Cofounder

Much of the success seen in UWaterloo Velocity, UofT's Creative Destruction Labs and Halifax's Volta can be accredited to Jesse. He brings in a depth of experience in helping founders navigate their way in the startup space.

David Crow - Partner

With past venture capital roles at Influitive, OMERS, Reactivity (acquired by Cisco) and Microsoft, David specializes in product marketing and educating founders on expectations of venture investors.

Maryam Rezakarimi- Venture Associate

Maryam currently studies at UWaterloo. An active member of the local student startup community, she is an intermediary between students and the alumni/VC world. She helps host, plan, recruit & more.

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