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Workshops for those who support founders

A series of workshops to help those that support startups do it better. We look at what Venture Capital is, how it works, and what motivates investment.

Workshop: Understanding VC and the table you sit at

Over 15 years of helping founders we see founders, mentors, and board members struggle to effectively communicate. Founders get stuck.

Founders often have their own ideas of how VC works and how their company fits in the VC model. Mentors have their experience and ideas as well. Board members and investors have theirs.

How you guide a founder through this experience is also influenced by your understanding. This workshop helps you better understand VC motivations.

It based on techniques and knowledge acquired by working with 1000s of founders just starting out.


  • Workshop is 2 hour session that is currently being offered via Zoom.
  • Ongoing engagement is available.

About the hosts

Jesse Rodgers and David Crow have over 15 years of experience supporting early stage founders.

Jesse has built programs in Waterloo (Velocity), Toronto (Creative Destruction Lab), and Halifax (Volta). He has also built his own venture backed company and had the opportunity to work with 100s of very successful founders.

David has been there for countless founders as they start their journey. He has developed a method to helping founders understand what they need to do to raise their first round and currently supports founders participating in accelerator programs.

We built Eigenspace as a 'venture practice' as a place where we can invest in people who are finding their way on their own path to success.

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