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We invest in people and their future.

We help creators in the Waterloo community build their ideas into companies, and those companies into better companies. From investing in founders, to connecting them with alumni founders, we want to equip the Waterloo community with what it needs to create, innovate and grow.

Waterloo students and alumni are our focus

How the program works

Our program for students runs a cohort every four months (starting in January, May, and September). This can be your co-op placement, or it can just be something you take on your academic term. You can expect weekly informative and peer discussion sessions with the option to engage remote or hybrid.

To help students develop ideas we use two approaches: peer groups and education. By bringing experienced Waterloo Alumni into each of these approaches we provide students with what they need to refine their ideas and build a startup.

Monetary investments work differently for each applicant, reach out for more information.

We look for highly motivated students and select up to 15 to participate per term. Applications are always open.

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Students that we have worked with.


Eigenspace introduced me to everything I really needed to develop an idea into a business. The support, the funds, the connections, and ultimately the ability to just ask questions. Nothing is more valuable than having your questions answered.


Eigenspace has created an amazing community and support system to step into the world of entrepreneurship and learn about venture capital. I can definitely say that Eigenspace was the stepping stone I needed to start taking the idea in my head and turn it into a reality.


I had an idea for a business coming into university but I didn’t know what to do or how to go about it. All I knew was that I needed guidance and mentorship, and that’s exactly what eigenspace gave me. They taught me a lot and showed me how to get from point 0 to point 1.

Shared experiences, over time, build a community

Learning how to build from a group of peers.

Peer groups give founders inspiration, develop friendships, and help build our knowledge base. The type of information you need is often time sensitive and needs to be specific to your situation. On a weekly basis you'll have chats with your peer groups where you discuss your progress , workshop content, and ask each other questions. You soon realize, even the smallest tips from your peers can help you make the most pivotal steps forward.

Mentorship can be integrated by having alumni join into peer discussions, or separate meetings with alumni. Depending on whether you are raising capital right now, or if you're still in the idea phase, the ideal group-mentorship setting will be available to you.

Join a community that is invested in people finding a path to success.

The Eigenspace program is now being offered through the Startupbarn.

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