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What we offer

We work with up to five software companies at a time, using an accelerator-like program structure and offer $50 000 in funding for 3.5% (in a SAFE). This funding and our programming (coaching and support for at least 12 months) is to help startups ramp up and get a seed round that sets them up for long term success. More details below.

EigenSpace investment in a little more detail

More details of EigenSpace program

Why We Exist

Our mission is to help product focused founders go faster and avoid common pitfalls related to funding their startup. We believe the children are our future, i.e., it is about the people, the connections between people, and about helping them discover what to build, even if it means investing in what initially seems like only the people.

We invest in 10-20 startups per year that tend to be tech heavy, scalable software products.

More on why EigenSpace exists

How We Work

The following is our framework for how we help founders. At the heart of is a milestone driven process which is something we have specific expertise in how to do well it properly.

Setting Key Milestones

This is probably the single most important thing we do. We work with founders to define their key milestones, particularly when it comes to raising additional capital. The most important principle for founders is to raise enough money to achieve a set of milestones that will attract a subsequent round of investment from new investors. These are moving targets and they change with new data about customers, markets, technology and execution. We work with founders to define these key milestones and then work backwards to help them plan their product, their team, their customers to determine the financing required.


Most of the money raised early will go to people. Is there anything more important than the first people working on solving the problem? Conversely, we’ve seen the negative impact a bad hiring decision can have on early companies. We encourage teams to stay lean, but recognize that people are key to getting things to happen. We work to help founders learn leadership skills and hire/retain the core team that is critical to the next phase of their work.

Customer Development

We work with founders to recognize the importance of early customers. We want to be responsible for helping founders identify and drive acquire early customers. Many of the early customer sales activities are not scalable over time, they are important for getting the first 10-20 customers that show the pain/desire to purchase the product.

Capital Raising